World of Maharashtra

“MAHARASHTRA may be known for Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, but It’s also about Every Individual Farmer, Peasant, Worker, Teacher & Common Man who worked hard and even lost his/her life for the welfare of the State!!”

Meaning of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a state resembles a triangular in shape in the western peninsular region of India which occupies a substantial portion of the Deccan plateau with about 725-km western coastline forming the base and its interior narrowing to a blunt apex some 800 km to the east. 

It is the second-most populous state and third-largest state by area (307,690 square km) in India which suitable to its name.

Maharashtra Map

Maharashtra is a leader among Indian states in terms of agricultural & industrial production, trade & transport, and education. Common literature in Marathi, the predominant language of the state, in fact, played an important role in nurturing a sense of unity among the Maharashtrians.


Maharashtra is a center point for various activities in the country, it takes center stage on various topics ranging from politics and business to religion and travel.

The state comprises of many well-known destinations


The Blur of Lights that is MUMBAI


The Historic City that is PUNE

Maharashtra has much to offer travelers, both domestic and foreign...

Why Maharashtra is among ‘the Popular State’ in all over the World??

1)Geographical Wonders

Maharashtra presents a complex range of physical diversity.

Sahyadri Mountains Range

These Western ghats also are known as ‘Sahyadri‘ is proud of Maharashtra (a mountain range at the western edge of the Deccan plateau) run almost continuously for 640 km north-south, with the foothills reaching to within 6.4 km of the Arabian Sea. Elevations increase northward to peaks of some 5,720 feet.   

Satellite Imaginary Map of Sahyadri Mountains Range
source : season of mountains

The differential erosion of lava has resulted in characteristic steppe like slopes, uniform crest lines, and a tabletop the appearance of many pinnacles in Maharashtra.

To the west is the narrow Konkan coastal lowland, which reaches its widest extent near Mumbai.

Kokan Beach

There are many small, swift, west-flowing streams, most of them less than 80 km long. The biggest, the Ulhas, rising in the Bhor Ghat joins the sea after a 130-km course.

Waterfalls in Maharashtra

2)Historical Monuments

Maharashtra has witnessed innumerable historical changes since ages. From the tribal community of Nags, Munds and Bhils to the age of Shivaji Maharaj and finally to the present day, various historical monuments & There are nearly 350 forts in Maharashtra has remained a testament to every revolution that went through the state.

Temples in Trimbakeshwar

Not only do they bear archaeological value but have grown up to become a favorite hub of photographers. Various forts, caves, temples, statues and buildings portray the period, architecture and the then society during which it was constructed.

Inscription in Raigad Fort

This historical places in Maharashtra are a great tribute to the grandeur of the Maratha rulers and ancient Indians who lived here.

One can learn a lot about the history and culture of ancient India by observing these monuments, such as the famous Gateway of India, Global Vipassana Pagoda, Ajanta & Ellora caves and the many historical forts in Raigad, Nashik, Pune & Nagar region.

3)Beauty of Nature :

Maharashtra has tremendous potential for Nature tourism. The Beauty of the Western Ghats is incomparable.

Junnar, Pune

If there is “Heaven on earth”, you’ll surely find it here.


The landscape of breathtaking ethereal mountains, Lush green fields, dark forests, seasonal waterfalls and a serene lake .

what more could you ask more?


Such beauty you can experience in the Major tourist attraction a region like Kokan, Junner, Lonavala & Khandala, Bhandardara which showcasing a wonderful side of nature by its mountains greenery, some famous rivers & beaches and places like Malshej ghat, Amboli ghat, Naneghat, Kamshet ghat is also popular for its mesmerizing waterfalls which are nothing but sets the standard for Maharashtra in the world tourist places.

You are included in those list of luckiest people, if you have fortunate to witnessed such Magic of Nature in Maharashtra.

Natural Heritage of Maharashtra also include Reserve forests like Sanjay Gandhi national parks in Mumbai, Tadoba national park in Chandrapur & Hill station like Matheran, Mahabaleshwar which attracts a number of tourist across the globe.

while wandering all these places, you’ll surely discover the true meaning of


4)Agriculture and Floriculture

With Sahyadri ranges running along the coast of Maharashtra, the state is geographically divided into two regions;

The Konkan coastal plains which are paddy fields and coconut gardens



The great river basins formed by the rivers flowing out from the Western Ghats.


Agriculture is the mainstay of the state of Maharashtra. The main food crops of Maharashtra are mangoes, grapes, bananas, oranges, wheat, rice, jawar, bajra, and pulses. Cash crops include groundnut, cotton, sugarcane, turmeric, and tobacco.  Best quality grapes produced in The state is now exported to other countries. Mango, particularly ‘Alphonso’, grown in Konkan, has already established a name in the international market. 

Maharashtra has emerged as a leading State for production, export, and consumption of flowers like rose, chrysanthemum, marigold, jasmine and tuberose in the country. The climate of Pune and Nashik region, facilitate the setting up of such units without heavy investment in environmental control.

Kaas Plateau, Satara

4)Sports & Adventure :

Sports are an integral part of people living in Maharashtra


Although Hockey is the national the sport of our country, people in Maharashtra right from children to adult & even old citizens having a something unique kind of attraction, madness & love for the Cricket sport and each of the one started playing & watching cricket because of one man- Sachin Tendulkar who is born in the soil of Maharashtra and now become ‘God of Cricket‘ for achieving all kinds of feats in the world cricket & serving the country for about 24 years. Even Indian cricket team won their second Cricket world cup in the year 2011 in Wankhede stadium of Mumbai where we witnessed winning six by Captain MS Dhoni.

An Iconic Moment in the Indian Cricket History when Team India along with Sachin Tendulkar lifted their second Cricket World Cup on the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai in 2011.

Apart from cricket and other sports, with a picturesque landscape that could revive your senses and a destination to go on an adventure spree, Maharashtra is one of the places which hit the spot in many ways whether the tourists are surfing veteran looking for challenging tides or trekker who delights to walk on the vast network on the lush green landscapes, plenty of activities available here in different regions of Maharashtra.

There is a lot of activities for all sorts of tourists making Maharashtra a delightful treat for those who love to live their lives closer to the edge.

Rappelling in Maharashtra

 This Sports Adventure includes recreational activities from Paragliding in Panchgani, Water Rafting in Kundalika, Bunjee Jumping in Lonavala, Ocean Water Sports in Dive-Agar, Wildlife Safari in Tadoba, Camping in Bhandardara, Scuba Diving in Malvan but most of all “Trekking into Sahyadri Mountains’’ which also includes activities like Camping, Hiking, Wild Cave Expeditions, Rappeling, Climbing wall, Valley Crossing, Gaint Swing, etc are gaining popularity in world adventure by attracting people all over the world in the past several years as the list of great forts of Maharashtra in the Sahyadri Mountains ranges offer one of the best trekking routes in India.

If you are an adventure junkie, Maharashtra should be on your bucket list and you ought to add it if it’s not there.

Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra is calling you!!

5)Culture  & Tradition

Though the state is developed to a great extent in the terms of modernization, the people in Maharashtra still maintain their culture by following their traditional practices.

Source : 123RF

Maharashtra has a richly diverse culture and traditions. It has its own identity in the world for:

1)Celebrating Festivals which are a true reflection of Maharashtrian culture, with all its colorful customs, rituals and traditions that share & spread happiness and unite people.

2)Delicious variety of Foods from the spicy snacks in Mumbai to the mutton gravy of Kolhapur and the orange barfi of Nagpur, also some are food which is specially prepared during festivals like Modak, Tilgul, Faral, Puranpoli & others like the world-famous Vadapav, Misal Pav, Pohe and regular Meal Daal-Bhat & Pithal Bhakar, etc.

3)Traditional Clothes which is nine-yard Saree for women and Dhoti or Pajama with Shirt for men.

 Visit the state of Maharashtra and you will see how the traditions of the state are surviving with the whirlwind growth of the fashion industry.

4)Music & Dance forms like Powada, Lavani, Koli dance with mesmerizing music and rhythmic movement along with Natak (theater) that entertain the people of Maharashtra. 

Scene from one of the Natak on Shivaji Maharaj

The diversity and the richness of Marathi culture drips down to its traditional play & dance forms too

But the best part about Maharashtra is

“In most places, people celebrate all major festivals irrespective of their religion Christmas, Eid, and New years and honestly, that just shows the unity and brotherhood among them.”

6)People of Maharashtra

The simplicity and the traditional costumes and customs of the people of Maharashtra and their simple lifestyle will surely leave you in awe.

Mumbai Life

The rustic lifestyle of the people can also be observed in the country-side of the state where people have a belief on the universal cult of brotherhood, where the people of all religions lives like one community.

Proud and brave Maharashtrians have a very simple lifestyle and believe in hard working. Unlike the Nawabs of Lucknow and the Rajputs of Rajasthan, the Marathas of the state did not believe in having too many spacious palaces and mansions in-fact these people have lived a hard life and were inclined towards freedom struggle.

 While they are money-minded with the shrewdness of an acute businessman, the people, however, walk an extra mile to help outsiders or visitors in need of help.

Social harmony and camaraderie keep the spirit of Mumbaikars in buoyant mood. They are hardworking and religious, but at the same time never discriminate people based on their social upbringing.

Visit the state and interact with the locale, as it is the only way to know about the people and lifestyle of the state.

You can easily spend many months or even a year exploring the charming nooks and corners of this stunning state. Be it on the road or by rail or by flight or sometimes even by public transportation like ST bus, you will get to see, taste and life experiences that are unique to Maharashtra and I’m sure our Maharashtra will not leave you in empty-handed.

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-Wandering Mann

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