ANJANERI – Birthplace of Hanuman

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“रामदूत अतुलित बलधामा।।अंजनिपुत्र पवनसुत नामा।।”

Anjaneri means ‘Born from Anjana’ and it is another synonym for Lord Hanuman.

As Anjaneri Hills from Trimbakeshwar region of Nashik is considered to be the birthplace of god Hanuman from Indian mythology. 

Situated at an altitude of 4264 ft, this entire hill is belonging to the tantalizing Western Ghats.

Therefore because of, it’s spiritual importance and also geographic beauty, it becomes a famous visiting spot and every year on the occasion of Ram Navmi & Hanuman Jayanti festival, this place is frequented by devotees of all over India.


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Hanuman is a Hindu god and one of the Chiranjeevi. He is viewed as the ideal combination of ‘strength, heroic initiative, and assertive excellence’ and ‘loving, emotional devotion to his god Ram. He has been also the patron god of martial arts such as wrestling & acrobatics as well as meditation and diligent scholarship.

According to Hindu legends, Hanuman was born to Anjana and father Kesari. When Anjana was worshiping Lord Shiva, the King Dasharatha of Ayodhya was also performing the rituals to have children. As a result, he received some sacred pudding to be shared by his three wives which leads to the births of Lord Rama, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughna.

By divine ordinance, a bird snatched a fragment of that pudding and dropped it while flying over the forest where Anjana was worshiping. Then Vayu, the Hindu deity of the wind, delivered that falling pudding to the outstretched hands of Anjana, who consumed it. And then Lord Hanuman was born.

Kesari and Anjani mata with newborn Hanuman

As locals say that on the top of the hill, there is also the place where Goddess Anjana gave birth to Lord Hanuman. And that’s how this hill got it’s name.

Later on, Hanuman become part of Hindu epic Ramayana alongside Lord Rama and Lakshman.

Source: vedicsource

Lot of other places associated with the life of Hanuman are also found in this region such as the spot where Lord Vayu took Bal Hanuman when he was hit by the ‘Vajra’ weapon of Lord Indra because Bal Hanuman mistook the Sun as big fruits and he fled towards the Sun to eat it.

Source: Kathakids

After this god era, The area around Anjaneri was once ruled for a brief period by Veersen Ahir (also spelled Abhir), who made it his capital.


Anjaneri Temple is not huge but simple as the Hanuman temple.

There are two pindies inside the temple; the big one is of Mata Anjana and the small one is of Bal Hanuman. 

Outside the temple, you also find three pindies with the Trident of Lord Shiva.



Nashik is well connected to all other cities and towns by rail, and hence you can reach it directly by catching a train.

From the station, you can either hire a cab or use public transport toward Nashik- Trimabakeshwar road and get down at Anjaneri Phata which is 20km from Nashik.

Anjaneri village is at a walking distance of 10 to 15 minutes from Anjaneri Phata.

Anjaneri Village

After trekking for approximately five kilometers on the hill, there’s a parking lot from where the actual trek to Anjaneri hill starts.

You can reach parking lot directly via well-made road if you coming by private vehicle.

but then from the parking lot, you have to do a trek of maximum of 2 hours to reach the top of the mountain.


To capture the beauty of the Anjaneri hills, the best way is to trek through it.


After reaching the parking lot, the next path leads to a magnificent trekking adventure through diverse sceneries of Anjaneri Lake, caves, waterfalls, etc.

glimpse of Anjaneri fort from Anjaneri hill

Firstly you came across Anjani Mata Dhyan temple in the Anjaneri hills which will take about 1 hour from the base.

Further, visitors can see two different ways at a certain distance from the temple;

One is to the left-hand side that takes visitors to Sita cave in 10 minutes.

The other way goes to Citadel, where one can see main temple of Anjani Mata. It takes 1 hour to reach the top of the fort from Anjaneri hill.

As you reach the summit of the Anjaneri Hill, be ready to be greeted by verdant mountain ranges intermingled with spectacular dense forests, ravishing rivulets and meandering paths.

You can see the Upper Vaitarna Reservoir and scenic beauty of Trimbakeshwar Forest. You can also view two pinnacles called “Navra” and “Navri” in the range of Bramhagiri hill along with Durg Bhandar fort at the end.

from the other side of top of the mountains

Apart from the Anjaneri hill, one can also visit Trimbakeshwar temple which is just 4km from Anjaneri phata and then if you are adventures soul then you can do trekking to Brahmagiri Mountain and Durg-Bhandar fort.

View from the Durg Bhandar fort



On the Trimbakeshwar road, there is a small temple of Lord Ganesha located at Anjani Phata. Now, from this temple, take the left road on other side that goes through Anjaneri village to reach Anajneri hills at the end.


After walking for about 10 minutes from Anjani Phata towards Anjani village, you will come across this popular temple of this region which having a largest statue of Lord Hanuman.



This place is on the opposite side of the main road that goes through the Anjani village but you can spot this place from long distance as there is a big statue of Lord Buddha is made on this place

But the main feature is Hemadpanthi Mandir which is inside of this place.

Source: Nashik Directory





From Parking lot, there are a number of cement steps are built on the path that goes through the between two mountains and finally it takes you to the Anjaneri Hills.


While ascending through cement steps, you will come across a small cave on left. there are a number of steps built with railing on one side to enter into the cave.

Cave having three ancient sculptures on the right side and small water on the left.



This is the temple that made for meditation as Goddess Anjani Mata supposed to meditate here when she was worshiping Lord Shiva.


The wonder of Anjaneri hills as, if you watch this pond from the top of the fort, you can see the shape of the pond appear as the footstep of gaint Lord Hanuman.


This is the region where the main temple of Anjani Mata located. You will get the first glimpse of Anjaneri fort only from the Anjaneri hill.


There are many beautiful carvings inside Sita cave. 



After reaching the top of the fort, there are a 100 ft deep cave can be spotted but due to small opening, only a skinny person can able to go inside it. 


There is the largest flag you will come across which lie just ahead of Anajani Mata temple.


Ahead of Anjani Mata temple, you will see a number of ruins of shivling all over across the fort.


You can set up a tent anywhere on the top of the fort.

Otherwise, the only stay option is Ashram near the Sita cave.


At the parking lot, there is a regular stall which runs by a local forest officer name Kailash Nimbekar and his family who sell snacks and other fresheners and also arrange food on demand. 

Contact of Kailash Nimbekar : 9765168819

Apart from this, there is a local house cum stall on the top of the fort near to the main temple.


The best time to visit the fort is from October until then end of February as during this period the climatic conditions are pleasant and you can able to see beautiful sceneries of surrounding mountains.


“Even there is no solid evidence of the birth of Lord Hanuman,

Still, many prominent vestiges are present on Anjaneri hill that are worth a visit as it offers the right amount of solitude and peace from the fussy city life…”


-Wandering Mann

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