VEERGAL – A Silent Historyteller

There exist a number of historical monuments and sculptures gone unheard and untold to many of the people even today. We hardly know about their existence and their importance as well.

Veergal is one of them.

Sudhgad fort, Raigad

Veergal or Veergala is a memorial stone of brave warrior who died in the battle.

Veergal at Ajinkyatara fort, Satara

Word is derived from “Veerkallu’ word of Kannada language. Kallu means stone so Veerkallu means Warrior’s stone or Hero stone.

These were erected between the 5th and 13th centuries AD under the Yadava and Shilahara dynasties and it splattered all across India.

Hero stone with 1286 AD Old Kannada inscription during rule of Yadava King Ramachandra in the Kedareshwara Temple, Balligavi in Shimoga district, Karnataka

These were built either by the families or local villagers in memory of slain unsung soldiers. Many of these have been found in decrepit conditions, often buried in the ground.


Usually divided into 3 areas, the stones are partitioned based upon the event they depict:


Lower part: Events of the war in the battlefield.


Middle part: The hero seated in a palanquin or shrine being taken to heaven by Apsaras (Angels).


Top part: Depicts auspiciousness and shows the hero worshipping a deity such as a Shivling.

VEERGAL in the regions of the MAHARASHTRA

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History is one of the most underrated and often neglected aspects by hands of our very own people.

Due earlier neglactance of government authority or local people, many of the Veergals are became ruins now and some of the broken into pieces because of several natural reasons. But then when these pieces of Veergal are found to local people, they misunderstood it as ‘idol of god’ because of sculpture of god on it. And treating that piece of Veergal as god.

This is a very unfortunate thing that warriors who sacrificed their life to protect our motherland and people even don’t know the value of such historical heritage of those warriors and treating the only piece of it as god just because their god sculptured on it.

One must know importance of Veergal and because this is our legacy and now it is a time that we start taking our pride of our legacy and works towards protecting and nurturing our past and mainly educating the people in the society about it.

And this is the possible tribute we can give to those unknown warriors by visiting their Veergals and atleast give it any acknowledgement.

Source: ingypsyprincess on instagram

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