The mythological story behind the graceful murti of Lord Ganesha

Redi Mandir

And mesmerizing sceneries of the Arabian sea surrounding the temple makes Redi Ganpati Mandir, one of the major attractions in the Konkan region.

Redi Beach


Redi Temple has located about 21 km from Vengurla, in the coastal district of Sindhudurg. The town in which this temple is situated contains iron ore mines. 

Seashore of Redi village

The deity of the temple is the sitting form of Lord Ganesha and approximately 15 meters in height. The most astounding part is that the idol was recovered from beneath the earth after a local person dreamt of a buried idol of the Lord and started excavating the area. And now it becomes a vigilant deity, wakeful towards its devotees’ call.

Redi Ganpati Mandir


Ganpati idol of the temple was found in one of the mines near Rewati port in 1976.

History of Redi Ganpati Mandir

A local truck-driver, by the name of Sadashiv Kambli who used to drive his truck, ply Redi’s mine to harbor. On April 18th, 1976, He parked his truck at one particular region of Rewati Port after finishing his work and then he took a nap where he had a dream.

In his dream, he supposedly visualized the Lord Ganesha gave him the divine appearance, and told him to dig at the very same place.  

He already had great faith in Lord Ganesha. So he convinced local workers to start digging that place. After two days of continuous digging, some portion of the ear of Lord Ganesh started appearing. They had to dig for a month’s time for extracting the complete idol which was carved on a known stone called Jambha stone, where they finally found a two-handed idol of Lord Ganesha. 

The date was 1st May 1976. After seeking omen from Gram–Devata (Village deity), it was decided to build a temple at the very spot and establish this deity. After a few days, in the same area, they excavated a big idol of the mouse, which is a traditional vehicle of Ganesha.

Old Murti of Redi Ganpati

After hearing this news, people from Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri district started coming to take darshan.

Later on, after an investigation, it has been found that the murti was made by the Pandava during their rule.


Redi temple is a quaint little one from inside but it manages to lure you into its simplicity.  It’s floor made of white marbles. But what attract you is the murti inside.

Redi Madir
Inside Redi Mandir

The main murti of Lord Ganesha is approximately 6 ft in height and 4 ft in width. It is in a sitting position and is Dwibhuja (two arms). 

Redi Ganpati

Outside the main gabhara of murti, people sit for the meditation after seeking the blessing of Ganpati Bappa. 

There are numerous idols of other Gods from Hindu Mythology sculptured on the wall of the temple.

And the unique paintings of Lord Ganesha stories found inside the temple.


The overall construction of the temple is still under process.

Future Model of Redi Mandir


Redi was originally known as Redipattanam is a quaint little coastal village dotted with plenty of cashew and coconut trees. Located in the outskirts of Southern Maharashtra and it is quite close to the shores of the majestic Arabian Sea of North Goa, village was a significant seaport during the earlier times.

Redi village


Redi has now evolved into a tourist hub because of its long virgin and unspoiled beaches alongside archaic historic monuments.


On the left side of the temple, there is a small trail that takes you to the Redi beach.

You’ll get to see a beautiful view of the beach from a small hilltop. Isolated and far from day to day pollution, this beach has a panoramic view. Filled with crystal clear waters, the uniqueness of this beach is the rocky and red sand seashore.

Red sand at Redi Beach

Also the beach is rocky, you’ll notice two shades of watercolor.

Rocky Seashore of Redi Beach

Near the beach, it’s a bit of muddy water, and a little further, the water is clear blue. 

Since it is still untouched beach in the Konkan region, that makes it cleanest and peaceful beach among all. 


Also at long distance from the seashore of the beach, you can notice a couple of a large triangular rock-made pinnacles in the midway of the sea where some unknown the device is placed on the top of the pinnacle. 

Mama Bhanja Rock at Redi Beach

Legend has it that one uncle and his nephew used to go on fishing excursions together. However, one day during one such excursion, the uncle fell into the water.  The nephew waited for 10 days after which he jumped into the water to search for his missing uncle. Eventually, none of them came to be found, but there appeared two rocks came to be known as ‘Mama-Bhanja’.


This five hundred years old temple is locally known as Shree Mauli Devi Mandir who is also “Gram Daivat” of Redi. Mauli Devi is situated at the heart of village Redi. Jatra at this temple is in the month of November.

Shri Mauli Mandir at Redi

The temple is built amazingly and looks beautiful from inside and outside which shows engineering class.

The story of the awakening of Shri Mauli Devi is stated as follows:

In 1817, the Portuguese Army had attacked this region of Redi village through their canons from surrounding mountains. As per the faith of people on their deity in the Kokan, villagers called their goddess. On the next day, millions of honeybees snarled at the Army. Therefore, the army felt panic due to a sudden attack of honeybees and stopped their invasion and went to Portugal & never returned back. 


The existing port at Redi village is located along the Konkan coast in Vengurla Taluka. There are two jetties functioning in the port at present that are being used only for lighterage operations. The Redi port also marks the end of the Maharashtra state; the Goa border starts from the south of Terekhol


It is also known as Redi Fort, located atop a small hill to the North of Jitapur bay, and to the South of Maharashtra. It used to serve as an important seaport and it was built by the great rulers of the Maratha in the early sixteenth century.

Redi Fort

Though most of the fort is damaged, there are still many constructions which are standing tall, untouched and enchanting the greatness of ancient Indian architectural skills as well as singing the praises of the great Maratha dynasty.

Last but not the least, this fort offers the best spots to take some finest shots of the pragmatic “Paradise Beach”.

Paradise Beach



Though Public Transport to Redi Temple quite time consuming, but it is also packet friendly and also it gives you opportunity to know about transport and common people of Kokan by interacting with them while travelling.

The nearest Railway station to Redi village is Sawantwadi – 32 km

But from the station, there is no direct transport to Redi village. So first you have to reach Sawantwadi State Transport (ST) bus stand which was around 5 Km from railway station. 

Sawantwadi ST bus stand

Note that there are two Sawantwadi ST stands at side-by-side, main one is at upper section & ST bus to Vengurla depart from lower section ST stand.

ST toward Vengurla from Sawantwadi is very well frequent. 

Vengurla ST Bus

Otherwise, you can hire 6 seater auto called Tum-Tum from Sawantwadi ST stand directly to Redi Temple which will save your time but cost you very high.

Vengurla ST Stand

From Vengurla Stand, catch Reddi Kanayaal ST bus and get down at Redi Village Stop. (Refer below timetable)

Vengurla ST stand timetable

Alternatively, you will also get direct 6 seater Tum Tum or Auto from Vengurla to Redi Temple.

Redi Kanayal ST BUS will drop you at entrance of Shri Mauli Mandir.

ST stop of Redi village

Take left road before entrance and walk straight on mud path. Further, the road towards the temple is always muddy and in bad conditions due to heavy truck’s continuous traffic in this mines area.

Redi village path

After half an hour’s walk, you will see a signboard of Redi Mandir showing the direction of temple to the left. 

Better you should plan a Kokan tour and hire a private or your own vehicle from your place and then visit Redi Ganpati Mandir directly.
Mumbai to Redi – 551.2 km via NH48 and 515.4 km via NH66
Pune to Redi – 408 km via NH48 and 485.1 km via NH


There are no food shops near the temple. You’ll find the local garland/flower sellers and 2-3 stalls selling cold drinks.

Stalls at Redi Mandir


Non-chargeable car parking available outside the temple


No hotels available in Redi villages. You can get good accommodation in Shiroda Village which is 6Km from Redi.


A lot of devotees visit this temple throughout the year. However, you’ll see this temple crowded during monthly Sankasthi, Chaturthi Ganesh Jayanti, and Ganesh festival.


You can also visit the following places which are near to Redi Ganpati Temple.

  • Terekhol village – Fort, Beach
  • Shiroda Village – Beach, Resorts, Market, Mauli Temple
  • Aarvali Village – Vetoba Temple, Beach
  • Vengurla Village – Port, Beaches, Fort

So if you are planning your Konkan trip, make sure to add this Vengurla region your bucket list.


Visit the following website that having all information about places nearby to Redi




“Ganpati Bappa Morya”

This continuous chants of people reverberate all over the surrounding and joy that fills up in the air will surely give you enormous energy and positive vibes after visiting this place!!


-Wandering Mann

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