This blog is all about the Maharashtra and its historical heritage including forts, monuments & also various of natural places.

“I’m a Wandering soul(in English) or Musafir(in Hindi) or Bhatkyaa (in Marathi) from Amachi Mumbai city and one of those luckiest people in the world who born and raised in the soil of historical Maharashtra and finally, one of rare people in the world who got the opportunity to travel and visit to the numerous amazing places in Maharashtra.

First time I came across the journey of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his brave stories while studying history subject during my school days. That is when I started having fond of him and especially about all the fort he has built and some of them won from Mughals for building our independent Maratha empire known as ‘Swarajya’. He is known as the ‘God of Maharashtra’ & ‘People’s kings’ as people including me idolize & worship him for his inspirational life journey & incredible contribution for reshaping Maharashtra.   

After completing school, maybe for practical experiences or to know more about Shivaji Maharaj journey & its fort, I started trekking & hiking in a groups & even solo into different forts of Sahyadri mountains and throughout this journey, I developed a skill of ‘feeling the history’ which I had read during school days and having immense respect to Maharaj & Maratha Army and all ancient architectures who built such wonderful structures at their time which still standing tall and tells a stories that you cannot find you in any books.   

Throughout my last 10 years of traveling journey, I have collected so many unforgettable and beautiful experiences with some useful lessons. As trek by trek, my love & respect grown infinitely for Sahyadri & also all the great personalities who given their contribution to making Maharashtra state greater & beautiful.   

“Happiness is real when we shared” that the reason I come here to share all my traveling experiences and importantly the information about places I have visited as I always gather all possible information(i.e route, transportation, map, etc) before going into any places. So this is nothing but INFORMATIVE WEBSITE regarding forts, famous natural and historical places in all over Maharashtra I have visited up till now.

I hope all my blogs will encourage people to travel and help travelers and trekkers all over the world to not only visit these various places but to know more about tradition, diversity & history of Maharashtra.  

Hope you are gonna enjoy my blogs.

Keep Wandering…!!!”

Let’s build something together.

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