Caves of Maharashtra

Caves of Maharashtra are perfect examples of arts and crafts of ancient India. Dating back to over a few centuries these caves are believed to be the dwelling of Buddhist, Jain and Hindu monks. Religious devotees will love the panels depicting various stories from Hindu mythology and cultural connoisseurs will delight in the ancient paintings adorning the walls.

From rock cut to the one containing sculptures, there have been many caves in Maharashtra since the times immortal. Those who wish to explore these fascinating archaeological legacies, do take a tour to this heritage of Maharashtra.

Here is a List of detail blogs on the Forts of Maharashtra

DHAK BAHIRI CAVE – The Hardest Climb

Here is the detail blog about the Dhak Bahiri Cave in the Sahyadri hill range which popular for it’s thrilling climb because of 80-degree rock-cut steps, tricky patch with sheer drop at one side.



Here is a detail blog about the Ganapati Gadad caves which are surrounded by mesmerizing waterfalls. Blooming with greenery in monsoon, It is one of the most awaited trek in the Sahyadri.