In Maharashtra, small patches of forest are sacred to the deity and protected by local people known as ‘Devrai’ which helps in the conservation of environment and biodiversity. Let’s us educate ourselves about this cultural heritage of Maharashtra. Enjoy!!


Purandar fort witnessed the rising of the king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj against the Adil Shahi, Bijapur Sultanate and the Mughals. Here is a blog of complete detail blog about Purandar fort. Enjoy!!


Standing at a staggering height of 5400 ft. above sea level; Kalsubai is highest peak in Maharashtra. Here is a complete detail blog about Kalsubai peak. Do visit and feel the history and get lost into surrounding mountains of Kalsubai. Enjoy!!


Here is a detail blog about the Ganapati Gadad caves which are surrounded by mesmerizing waterfalls. Blooming with greenery in monsoon, It is one of the most awaited trek in the Sahyadri. Enjoy!!!

DHAK BAHIRI CAVE – The Hardest Climb

Here is the detail blog about the Dhak Bahiri Cave in the Sahyadri hill range which popular for it’s thrilling climb because of 80-degree rock-cut steps, tricky patch with sheer drop at one side. Enjoy!!

ANJANERI – Birthplace of Hanuman

As locals say that on the top of this hill, there is a place where Goddess Anjana gave birth to Lord Hanuman. And that’s how this hill got it’s name. Here is the detail blog about the Anjaneri Temple of this hill. Enjoy!!!


And, Shivaji Maharaj with his colleagues took the oath of Hindavi Swarajya in this temple at just age of 16 in the year 1645. Here is the detail blog about Raireshwar Temple. Enjoy!!!

Ramshej Fort- Shortest Trek Diaries

Despite Spiritual and historically importance, Ramshej fort trek was one of the shortest long-distance trek that gives me some unique and never-imagine experiences for a lifetime. Here is a trek blog about my trekking experience of Ramshej Fort. Read & Feel the Experiences!! Enjoy!!!

Asherigad – Solo Trekking begins

Obviously I felt nervous before doing this solo trek but the day started with different shades of the sky color that sets one of the unique & beautiful mornings I ever have seen, that calm my mind and boost up my confidence in the beginning. Here is a trek blog about my first solo trek experience of Asherigad. Read & Feel the Experience!! Enjoy!!!

Raigad- A Life Changing Experience

And I finally planned to celebrate the Diwali festival of the year 2018 in the Raigad fort and return, I got an unforgettable moment for a lifetime and also the inspiration & confidence to do more solo treks that changed my life completely. Here is my trek experience about my first overnight solo trek. Read & Feel the experience. Enjoy!!


ASHERIGAD, Tower of Palghar offers great view of surrounding mountains and there is so much to explore in the fort that makes it one of the best travel destinations near Mumbai. Here is a complete detail blogs about Asherigad fort. Enjoy!!

RAMSHEJ – The Undefeatable One

Mughal commanders threatened the Maratha saying that they would capture the Ramshej Fort within an hour but over 600 Marathas fought against 50,000 Mughals and resisted them for almost 6 years and remains UNDEFEATED in battle at the end. Here is a complete detail blog about Ramshej Fort. Enjoy!!

RAIGAD – The King’s Fort

Raigad Fort is one of the most famous Travelling destinations in Maharashtra. Planning to visit Raigad fort with family, solo or with the group especially by public transport, Here is a blog of complete detail information about Raigad fort.  Enjoy!!

World of Maharashtra

MAHARASHTRA To someone, it means SHIVAJI MAHARAJ but also to someone, it is BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR. To someone, it means GANESH CHATURTHI but also to someone, it is AASHADI EKADASHI. To someone, it means VADAPAV but also to someone, it is PITHAL BHAKARI. To someone, it means LOCAL TRAINS but also to someone, it is ST BUS. To someone, it means MUMBAI but also to someone, it is PUNE. Even each one of people having different meaning but one thing that unites them all, 'MAHARASHTRA'


“गणपती बाप्पा मोरया.. मंगलमूर्ती मोरया...!!” On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, here is the detail blog about the Redi Ganpati Mandir, one of the major attractions in the Konkan region. Enjoy!!

INSCRIPTION – Proof of Ancient Cultures

Carved into rock surfaces centuries ago, Inscription stand as examples of the finest that Indian art has to offer. Let’s us educate ourselves about this ancient heritage of Maharashtra. Enjoy!!