Trek Experiences

After wandering about past 9 years into different historical places in Sahyadri mountains, I have collected so much unforgettable and beautiful experiences with some useful lessons and then as trek by trek, my love & respect grown infinitely for Sahyadri.

Here is a list of Blogs about My Trek Experiences in different historical forts and places of Maharashtra.

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Raigad- A Life Changing Experience

And I finally planned to celebrate the Diwali festival of the year 2018 in the Raigad fort and return, I got an unforgettable moment for a lifetime and also the inspiration & confidence to do more solo treks that changed my life completely.

Here is my trek experience about my first overnight solo trek.

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Ramshej Fort- Shortest Trek Diaries

Despite Spiritual and historically importance,
Ramshej fort trek was one of the shortest long-distance trek that gives me some unique and never-imagine experiences for a lifetime.

Here is a trek blog about my trekking experience of Ramshej Fort.

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Asherigad – Solo Trekking begins

Obviously I felt nervous before doing this solo trek but the day started with different shades of the sky color that sets one of the unique & beautiful mornings I ever have seen, that calm my mind and boost up my confidence in the beginning.

Here is a trek blog about my first solo trek experience of Asherigad.

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